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Smileworkers - a new way to stay busy.

We have rethought the dental worker business to make it more efficient and flexible for all involved. With decades of experience working in the dental industry, the designers of smileworkers have built a system that streamlines the process of finding matches for dental jobs with people qualified to work. Fast, efficient and at minimal cost, available dental workers are matched with available dental jobs.

There is never a fee for the dental worker and a small $9.95 flat fee for the dental practice. We never charge a commission or finder fee.

Fast, efficient, minimal cost - SmileWorkers - Keeping you busy!


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Why you should look for Dental Workers on Smileworkers...

Your usual dental hygienst has an unexpected family emergency and lets you know she cannot come to work tomorrow. You have a full day of patients booked. Argh! Time to jump on and look for a last minute replacement. You find a RDH with 15 years experience who can administer local anesthesia. The day is saved!


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Newest SmileWorkers
  • Dental Assistant with 7 yrs experience from Everett, MA

  • Dental Public Health with 4 yrs experience from Marshfield, MA

  • Front Desk with 6 yrs experience from Whitman, MA

  • Front Desk with 1 yrs experience from Westwood, MA

  • Dental Assistant with 2 yrs experience from Roslindale, MA

  • Front Desk with 29 yrs experience from Canton, MA

  • Dental Assistant with 11 yrs experience from North Waltham, MA

  • Dental Hygienist with 0 yrs experience from Saugus, MA

  • Dentist with 3 yrs experience from Boston, MA

  • Front Desk with 13 yrs experience from Brockton, MA

  • Dentist with 0 yrs experience from Boston, MA

  • Dental Assistant with 8 yrs experience from Cambridge, MA